What make me think I have time to start a blog?

I am excited to have started my blog. I will try and post as often as I possibly can. I have a very full day, all day, every day. I don’t know what makes me think I have time to add this to my schedule. Hopefully it will be a way to help myself and help others with or without PCOS. I look forward to posting pictures of my meals, (I already have the picture ready to go from my breakfast this morning).  When I first started eating Primal / Paleo the best I could(which was not really even close to 80/20), in 6 weeks, I managed to lose 15 lbs. Last time I lost anything close to that was a long time ago and only once before. Obviously that was something that I was not able to stick to, I put the weight right back on when I went back to eating “normally”(which is not normal or natural as I have now found out). After doing a lot of research, reading a lot of blogs, and reading a lot of books, and also one viewing of “Fat Head” (which I would recommend seeing) I have realized that this is the way I was meant to eat, it is actually a way that my body for years has been pointing me towards but I was so ‘misinformed’ by government suggestions, doctor’s recommendations, and parental and/or friendly advice. I never minded having things like steak, broccoli, anything really for breakfast. Everyone told me I had to eat cereal, pancakes, oatmeal etc. and if I wasn’t eating what they were eating,  “I” was doing it all wrong. Now I get to eat the way I want, get to enjoy bacon and eggs. I do not feel hungry, ever. I have managed from trying to cram 5 or 6 meals a day in to maybe one, two or sometimes three meals in. Sometimes I am not even that hungry I forget to eat. Now, it hasn’t always been that way, I feed my children several times a day(being they were born premature, THANK YOU PCOS) they are underweight for their age and really need to put ON weight. They would be eating things like waffles, cereal, oatmeal (things I wouldn’t even dream of eating today) and I was like a vulture, I would just be picking up and scraping out what they didn’t touch. When I went to the doctor and he asked me what I was eating, and then made a statement that “You are simply eating too much” I stated that I did not really even eat that much during the day. He suggested I start writing down everything I ate. Well, THAT was a wake up call. I was eating a ton of food and then eating my own meals on top of that(not good primal meals either, total crap). I joined fitday.com to keep track of my habits, while on facebook on the fitday page I noticed a comment made about primal paleo and I had never heard of it. So I did some research(you know, in my spare time while taking care of 4 kids under the age of 3) and I am still researching it today. I’m trying to figure out everything I can, I am still learning, I will admit that!!

Getting back to my doctor’s visit. He suggest I was eating too much, asked me to write down what I was eating, cut out the carbs: potatoes, bread, flour etc. I was just about exploding on the inside DIDN’T YOU JUST HEAR ME I HAVE PCOS no matter what I do I CANNOT lose the weight!!! I would exercise for 2 hours a day(thank you YMCA for having a program that would babysit my children while I exercise) and no change in my body or weight after months of cardio(*bleh*).  He did a ton of blood on my too to get a proper sense of my sugar, cholesterol and all that fun stuff.  I went back to the doctor after 2 months(and only 6 weeks after starting eating primal paleo) and had managed to lose 15lbs. I was so happy, he was so happy. I told him I cut out the carbs, I didn’t have the guts(THIS TIME) to suggest I was eating bacon and eggs for breakfast and eating lots of avocado and steak(I didn’t feel like listening to the lecture). But when I go back in 6 months and we do all my blood work over again I will be proud to let him know exactly how I managed to lose additional weight, lower my blood sugar and get my cholesterol to acceptable levels with the proof in his hands!

So join my on my journey as I experiment with different vegetables, meats, fruits and recipes that are going to be changing my life, and my family’s life.

PS: DH is not yet on board, not a big vegetable guy, but let’s see how this turns out…2011 is going to be a game changer!


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